A Look at Cow-Calf Financial Conditions Post-Boom


by David A. Widmar

Fifty years from now, agricultural history books will likely devote a chapter to the recent run-up in commodity prices and farm income boom. While much attention has focused on corn and soybean production, cow-calf operators also experienced the historical financial conditions. As the industry begins transitioning away from the boom era, it’s worth pausing to reflect on recent conditions and financial drivers. Continue reading

Trends in U.S. Ag Exports


by David A. Widmar

From the agricultural commodity markets to the Presidential debates, exports have been top-of-mind for many in 2016. Specifically within agriculture, a stronger U.S. dollar combined with building inventories of corn, wheat, and soybean in the U.S. has put significant attention on exports. For this week’s post we take a step-back and look at the high-level tends in U.S. ag exports.

Continue reading

Farm Income Down, Expenses Up


By Brent Gloy

The U.S. farm sector is in the midst of a major downturn.  As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, 2016 looks to be the third straight year of declining farm income.  Much of this has been driven by falling commodity prices, but the story is a bit more complicated than just falling commodity prices.  This week we look at how expenses and net income have evolved in the sector. Continue reading