Got Dairy? A Look at Dairy Consumption Trends


by David A. Widmar

I noticed the local grocery store recently remodeled. The most obvious change was increased real estate in the dairy sections, specifically cheese and yogurt. McDonald’s also announced recently they would begin using real butter. With all this attention on dairy I began wondering about consumer trends. This week, we take a look at U.S. dairy consumption trends.  Continue reading

What’s Up with those Pricey Turkeys?

Thanksgiving Turkey

by David Widmar

As Thanksgiving nears, the impact from Spring’s avian flu outbreak on poultry production is becoming more evident. A recent report from Purdue University noted that while the price of most food for Thanksgiving will be only slightly higher than last year, turkey will be the exception at 15-20% higher.

And while the connection between the avian flu outbreak and higher food prices is easy to make, this week’s post take a look at U.S. turkey production to consider the magnitude of production losses. Continue reading

Healthy Holidays?

Misty winter afternoon

A Guest Post By Nicole Olynk Widmar, Elizabeth Byrd, and Lalatendu Acharya


Happy Holidays, Everyone!  We have teamed up across departments at Purdue University to delve into questions surrounding US households spending, meal planning, and health-related behaviors over the 2014 Holiday Season.  We hope you enjoyed our recent post on Thanksgiving meal planning and reported shopping intentions.  Now we have turned our attention to the upcoming December festivities!

We conducted research in collaboration between the Department of Agricultural Economics and Consumer Sciences at Purdue University to survey 620 US residents to gather insight into plans for this holiday season, including travel, intended spending, and meal planning.  Who are these people surveyed, you may be asking; basic survey respondent demographics are available here.

Continue reading