Pass the Meat: U.S. Meat Consumption Turns Higher


by David A. Widmar

Growth in demand for agricultural products is an important step in improving the economic outlook for production agriculture, especially in light of abundant global inventories. Growth in demand, or consumption, is often slow as the key drivers – population and consumption trends- are themselves slow to change. This year the livestock sector received some good news as the USDA reported increases in per capita consumption for several categories of meat. In this week’s post, we take a look at the long-run trends in U.S. meat consumption.

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A Look at Cow-Calf Financial Conditions Post-Boom


by David A. Widmar

Fifty years from now, agricultural history books will likely devote a chapter to the recent run-up in commodity prices and farm income boom. While much attention has focused on corn and soybean production, cow-calf operators also experienced the historical financial conditions. As the industry begins transitioning away from the boom era, it’s worth pausing to reflect on recent conditions and financial drivers. Continue reading

Where Did Farmland Values Soar?

Farmland Values and Cash Rents. Ag Trends. Agricultural Economic Insights

by David Widmar

Farmland values and cash rents have been a hot topic. For nearly a decade, the industry watched with excitement as farmland ratcheted higher. With farmland markets showing signs of softening, we thought it would be valuable to reflect on the Boom Era and take a geographic look at how farmland values and cash rents changed.

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