2016 Beef Year in Review

Last week we reviewed the top 20 stories in agriculture in 2016. This week, we take a look at the top stories in beef with the 2016 Beef Year in Review. Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2016: A Reading List

thanksgiving reading list. agricultural economic insights. ag trends.


Again this year we are deviating from our standard weekly post to share a collection of articles we think you will enjoy.  Continue reading

Big Adjustments: The Latest USDA Net Farm Income Estimates


by David A. Widmar

The USDA recently released the latest estimates of sector-level net farm income. These data provide an overall measure of the economic and financial conditions of the agricultural sector. The latest forecast revealed a much higher forecast of net farm income than previously estimated. Those who regularly monitor these data – as Brent and I do – were surprised by the large, upward adjustment to sector income. This week we take a look at the latest data, the adjustments, and the implications moving forward. Continue reading