Credit Concerns?

by Brent Gloy

From sticky input prices to falling commodity output prices, U.S. farmers are working their way through some of the most difficult financial times in recent memory.  Purdue’s Ag Economy Barometer showed that after a slight July uptick, producer sentiment has turned decidedly lower. As we noted in a previous post this summer banker attitudes about agricultural credit conditions were turning as negative as they had been in some time.   We thought that now would be a good time look at credit conditions.  Continue reading

It’s Not All Bad: 7 Positive Stories for Production Agriculture in 2016

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By David Widmar and Brent Gloy

In traveling across the country and meeting with thousands of producers we’ve noticed the sentiment has turned quite bleak this winter and spring. From the media to even our own blog posts, there have been constant reminders of how bad the financial and economic conditions are. The overwhelming load of bad news comes after a run of overwhelmingly good, positive stories during the agricultural boom.

All this bad news is starting to be a bit depressing so we thought it was time to step back and think about a few of the positive economic trends for production agriculture.  Below are seven positive trends as 2016 gets underway. Continue reading

Beef: It’s What’s for Import


by David Widmar

The cattle markets have started to feel the same downward price pressures that have weighed on nearly every commodity market. From oil to corn and soybean, “too much” production has been a common theme. And while the cattle industry was looking to rebuild the cow herd, a recent surge of beef imports has also added to the beef supply. This week’s post takes a look at how significant beef imports have been. Continue reading