2017 Soybean Acre Madness

by David Widmar and Brent Gloy

When you think of March, two big events come to mind: the NCAA’s March Madness and the USDA’s Planting Intentions report. In both cases, speculation and anticipation is in full force on how the brackets and balance sheets will sort out. Furthermore, both the NCAA tournament and U.S. spring crop plantings will likely have a few surprises.

This week’s post takes a look at the latest crop insurance and commodity price data to provide some insights on what 2017 planting might have in store. Continue reading

All Eyes Turn to Crop Insurance Price Discovery Period for 2015

By Brent Gloy

As the 2014 harvest moves to completion, attention will quickly turn to 2015 planting decisions. One of the key differences between next year and those in the boom times is that the crop insurance guarantees are unlikely to be as favorable as they have been in the past. Continue reading