Agriculture and Exchange Rates: It’s Complicated

by David A. Widmar

Even though trade is important to U.S. agriculture, exchange rates are often overlooked. Currency exchange rates have been an important topic in recent years as the Dollar has trended stronger- or become more expensive – since 2012 (we’ve written about here and here). This week’s post is an updated look at exchange rates and how trends changed in 2016.  Continue reading

The U.S. Dollar and Agriculture in 2016


by David Widmar

U.S. agriculture has several lingering questions heading into 2016 and the strong U.S. dollar is one of them. Nearly a year ago we first wrote about why exchange rates are important and highlighted how challenging they can be, especially for grain exports. In this post we take a look at current exchange rate conditions, commodity-specific impacts, and what might be in store for the U.S. dollar and agriculture in 2016. Continue reading