9.3 Tips: Preparing for Round-Four of the Great Margin Squeeze

By Brent Gloy and David Widmar.
(Brent and David originally wrote this piece for the December issue of Successful Farming, available here.)

The frustrating realization that 2017 will likely be another difficult financial year for producers has begun to set in. After three years of falling net farm income and negative budget conditions for corn and soybean production throughout the country, 2017 is setting up to look like Round Four of the Great Margin Squeeze. In light of this, we offer 9.3 tips for planning and preparing for 2017.

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Will El Nino be a Bin-Buster?

ElNino Yields

by David A. Widmar and Brent A. Gloy

One of the top stories in agriculture for 2015 will likely be the impact the current El Nino has on production. Earlier this spring an official El Nino was declared and is expected to last until 2016. It appears the event predicted for last summer has finally arrived.

There is great interest, and concern, over exactly how El Nino conditions could impact the summer growing season for corn and soybeans in the U.S.  Much work has been done looking at the temperature and precipitation patterns of El Nino events, but these are often very general. This led us to look into how historic El Nino conditions have overlapped with corn and soybean yields.

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