Shifts in Nitrogen Fertilizers

fert spreader

by David Widmar

Given the margin pressure producers are facing again in 2016, fertilizer has been a hot topic. In addition to watching prices slide lower through the winter, producers are also likely to evaluate alternative sources of fertilizer, especially nitrogen. In this week’s post we take a look the historic use of various fertilizer sources and what the implications might be in the coming years. Continue reading

Are Lower Fertilizer Prices in the Cards for 2016?


by David A. Widmar

A few weeks ago we looked at price expectations for corn and soybean in 2016. Based on the Purdue Crop Budgets, even lower corn and soybean prices are forecasted for 2016; this is especially true for soybeans. With little chance of commodity prices improving in the foreseeable future, production cost reductions will be critical in 2016. Fertilizer is the largest corn input expense (excluding land). This week we take a look to see if lower fertilizer prices can be expected in 2016. Continue reading