Global Beef Trends: China and Brazil Grab the Spotlight

by David A. Widmar

In late March, the beef industry was rocked by a meat scandal in Brazil that created concerns about quality and safety controls. Many countries, including China, temporarily halted imports of Brazilian beef while the scale and scope of the issues were sorted out. In light of these events, it is worthwhile to step back and reflect on beef trends (as we did a few weeks ago with corn here and here). This week’s post considers the global beef trends – including consumption, production, imports, and export.

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Where is Sorghum Headed? It Depends…


David A. Widmar

Millet - Hirse

It happens about once a month. I pick up a popular press publication, something of national focus and not agricultural focuses, and find an article about the amazing potential of grain sorghum for U.S. grain producers. From superior drought-tolerance to advanced bio-fuels or favorable export conditions to China, these articles seem contrary to the trend I had in mind for sorghum in the U.S.

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