Sorghum: Why (and Where) Additional Acres May be Planted


by David A. Widmar

Excitement about sorghum has continued to grow. China’s appetite for the crop, which is often used for animal feed, has been driving demand and excitement for the crop that had otherwise been in a downward trend. While our earlier posts looked at production and yield trends, continued media attention on sorghum has again fueled our curiosity to further understand the renewed enthusiasm. For this post we looked at the emergence of a sorghum premium and where any expansion in acres may take place.

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A Sorghum Story, Part II

In the coffee shops of agricultural communities all across the country, producers like to talk about the weather. And weather is important because it is, arguably, the single largest driver of their favorite part of production agriculture, yields. Whether it’s grass in pastures or corn in Iowa, yields are important to farmers for many reasons.

Humans have made great advancements in crop yields over time. Yield improvements have been critical in avoiding the tragedy of population limits Thomas Malthus predicted in 1798. Some of those most recent and successful advance has been the yield growth of corn. So how does sorghum stacked up?  Continue reading

Where is Sorghum Headed? It Depends…


David A. Widmar

Millet - Hirse

It happens about once a month. I pick up a popular press publication, something of national focus and not agricultural focuses, and find an article about the amazing potential of grain sorghum for U.S. grain producers. From superior drought-tolerance to advanced bio-fuels or favorable export conditions to China, these articles seem contrary to the trend I had in mind for sorghum in the U.S.

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