2017 Fertilizer Prices Turn Higher – Still Lower than 2016

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by David A. Widmar

Lower fertilizer prices have been an important source of crop budget improvements in recent years. From 2014 to 2016, a majority of corn production costs reductions came from lower fertilizer expense. Last fall, we noted that fertilizer prices were again lower and could provide additional relief to crop budgets in 2017. Recently, however, fertilizer prices have turned higher. This week’s post looks at 2017 fertilizer prices and the farm-level implications. Continue reading

Will Farmers Benefit from Lower Fertilizer Prices Again in 2017?


by David A. Widmar

Lower fertilizer prices have been a welcome relief for producers facing falling commodity prices and farm incomes. Fertilizer prices offered big cost relief in 2016 and were the largest source of total cost reductions. These fertilizer price reductions came even with strong quantities of fertilizer demanded from a large corn crop; U.S. corn acreage was up 7% from 2015 and was the third highest acreage since 1944. Given lower fertilizer prices but strong usage from increased corn acres, this week’s post takes a look the prospects of even lower fertilizer prices again in 2017. Continue reading

Shifts in Nitrogen Fertilizers

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by David Widmar

Given the margin pressure producers are facing again in 2016, fertilizer has been a hot topic. In addition to watching prices slide lower through the winter, producers are also likely to evaluate alternative sources of fertilizer, especially nitrogen. In this week’s post we take a look the historic use of various fertilizer sources and what the implications might be in the coming years. Continue reading