The Perspectives of two Agricultrual Economists

Wheat to Set the Tempo for 2018

Attention will soon begin to shift to 2018 and the annual question of how acres will sort out. The stage for the 2018 acres debate, however, is already being set as U.S. winter wheat planting is already underway. This week’s post looks at acreage-trends for corn, soybean, and wheat, and how wheat acreage will set the pace for U.S. production in 2018.

Farm Capital Expenditures Stabilizing?

The serious financial downturn in U.S. ag has caused farm producers to aggressively search for ways to lower costs and improve cash flow.  In the short-term one of the most obvious ways that farmers can improve cash flow is to delay capital expenditures.  That is exactly what they have done.  Since 2014, U.S. farm capital expenditures have been in free-fall. 

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