Global Grain Inventories and China


by David A. Widmar

One could summarize the current focus of grain markets with three phrases: low prices, large crops, and growing inventories. This has been especially true given strong U.S. corn, soybean, and wheat yields in 2016. Several reports of large piles of grain around the country and world, especially in China, have further captured this reality. This week’s post takes a look at corn, soybean, and wheat global grain inventories and China’s share of the market.  Continue reading

Is the World Swimming in Corn?

9-9 Corn in Helena

Recently I saw a headline proclaiming that the world was swimming in corn. The spin was that global stocks were approaching highs that haven’t been seen in more than 25 years. This was information that didn’t seem to fit my recollection of the situation so I quickly emailed David and asked him what he thought – I thought his response was right on.  Here it is ……….

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