Thanksgiving Reading List



This holiday week we have deviated from our usual weekly post to share a collection of articles and topics we thought you would enjoy. If nothing else, these articles might be helpful when making conversation with your long-lost cousins.

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A Case for Lower Corn Seed Expenses

David A. Widmar

August 24: corn-sign rows

While most of the 2014 corn crop is still in the field, planning for the 2015 crop is underway. Long before the combines start fall harvest, the importance of the 2015 budget will begin to come into focus.

The big story in 2015 will be lower commodity prices, especially for corn and soybeans. The question on many producer’s minds is how much, if any, relief might come from lower input prices?

A look at 13 years of historic Purdue Crop budgets reveals an interesting trend in corn seed expenses.

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